Reflection on Fake News

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Coming into a topic about ‘fake news’ I thought it was a chance for me to educate, as I considered myself adept in identifying fake news. However, over the course of this topic, I learnt a lot.

I had discussed with friends that artificial intelligence could be a solution to fake news. However, over this topic I sided with the view that artificial intelligence couldn’t safely create a solution in the foreseeable future. I highlighted this hesitant flirtation in my comment on Stephanie’s blog. Stephanie’s response was thought provoking, as fake news has largely utilised technology, and as such it is hard to see how it will fix the problem – likely only creating more confusion.

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Having concluded that technology was not THE solution, I felt that the best approach was continued education of individuals. Reading Lakshay’s blog, I considered how echo-chambers contribute to fake news due to confirmation bias, and discussed Lakshay the difficulty of getting individuals to leave these chambers. Ultimately, I think the best solution is to force service providers to fact check, and expose users to diverse range of sources, whilst also ensuring we teach individuals how to check for themselves.

In terms of my individual progress, using the steps outlined in my initial post, I revisited my bibliography for my upcoming dissertation, and decided against including the article below:

The currency was not important. However, the reliability seemed problematic- there were no references, and very few sources agreed that Hungarian Parliament had ever considered banning encryption. Furthermore, looking into the author, he had no credentials in this field. Lastly, the author wrote various sensationalist pieces, and as such the purpose of the piece was likely to get clicks and not reliably inform.

Therefore, this topic has been both theoretically thought-provoking and practically useful.

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